Customer Restorations

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BMW Restoration Gallery

BMW Restoration
The photo files in this section show recent BMW restoration work; most of which is on models made from 1955 to1985. We focus on the R models twins. The Pre-1969 models are getting lots of attention these days. We have a number of BMW bikes that are being restored this winter and these photos will be added as these jobs are completed. Any bikes that are for sale upon completion will be added to our bikes for sale page.

Puch Restoration Gallery

Puch Restoration
The following picture files are samples of our recent Puch restoration work. The works pictured represent Puch models from 1947-1975. Lots more will be coming soon. We have a number of great Puch restorations planned for the winter of 2012~13 and those pictures will be posted here as they become available.

Photo of Engines

These are some photos of engine and transmission builds, and restorations that have passed through our doors in the past year or two. Our restored engines and transmissions look as good as they function!


In order to allow us to better serve your Puch and BMW parts needs, we have permanently closed our service department.

At Motor West, we are dedicated to the preservation of both brands we work with- BMW and Puch. Our in-house restoration capabilities allow us to perform almost every aspect of restoration ourselves, controlling the quality of our restored parts.

We do all of our own metal polishing in house. Polish work is one or the trademarks of a Motor West restoration. We pride ourselves in the outstanding results that we can achieve in-house on your polished chrome, alloy, and stainless steel parts. We never treat or clear coat our polished work, and you shouldn’t either. Even the finest polish work can be easily maintained without being clear-coated.

Our wheel building is also done in house. With over twenty years experience in building wheels we can help with this all too important aspect of your restoration. We offer brake drum turning, polishing or painting (as needed), and bearing replacement as a part of our regular menu of wheel restoration services. Wheels often make or break a great restoration.

The photos on this page are of some completed restorations for customers.