Restoration Gallery- BMW

These are photos of some of our most recent BMW-related restoration jobs.

Click on the picture to view in-progress and completed photos!

Photo of 1967 BMW R60

1967 BMW R60

An R 60 going through the phases of a clean-up restoration. A complete engine rebuild with major repairs to the heads was in order; along with new wheels, exhaust, and loads of restoration work done to the frame chassis. The end result: while not a 100pt show bike this once tatty original shines again for another 50 years!

Photo of 1972 BMW R60/5

1972 BMW R60/5

This pretty R 60/5 just finished its restoration. Amazingly it grew to 750cc during the process! The /5 BMW has a great mix of newer 12Volt technology combined with old-world looks.

Photo of 1967 BMW R69S Engine

1967 BMW R69S Engine

This is the heart, and soul of a friend, and customers R69S; being given new life. The guy has just run this old girl; summer and winter for its whole life! It has done the Elephant Ride in the Rockies-numerous times (up in the passes in January). The bike never came to visit just its heart (engine), and soul (transmission). The beauty, and simplicity of the BMW power and drive line is so evident when you see these things apart. Too bad they never thought to put an oil filter in these Pre-1969 models!

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