Restoration Gallery- Puch

These are photos of some of our most recent Puch-related restoration jobs.

Click on the picture to view in-progress and completed photos!

Photo of 1947 125T Puch

1947 Puch 125T

This was a complete sensitive restoration of a 1947 125T Puch; split single. The engine and transmission, clutch, and carburetor were completely rebuilt of course, as were the brakes, generator, and the bulk of the chassis. Period correct paint and striping was applied, and original exhaust was saved and restored to function. The end result was a great looking, rare-in-the-USA Puch 125. It is as reliable as ever, and has that 40s period look that we wanted to retain. However; being a Puch- it is thoroughly ready for another 65 years of service as it now sits. This was a really fun bike to restore.

1963 Puch 250 SG

Photo of 1963 Puch 250 SG

This neat 1963 Puch 250 was recently built by us for Scott Gehnke of Milwaukee. This dual solo seat look is really a great look. These 250 Puchs offer a lot of vintage style for not a lot of money, and they are a BLAST to ride!

Photo of 1954 175cc Puch

1954 Puch 175cc

This beautiful little 175 was restored for Kieth Baumert of Michigan. This very early 175 has all of the early model features you would expect. Truly rare; this red example shows just how sharp these early 175 models can be.

1967 Puch SR 125

Photo of 1967 SR 125 Puch

This gorgeous 1967 SR 125 is proudly owned by Don Schucker of St Louis, MO. Don contracted us to restore a 100 pt. version of the SR 125, and this bike regularly makes it around to vintage bike shows to be seen, and judged. The 125 has surprising performance to match its good looks. This engine went on to be redesigned, and carried the Puch line for the next 10 years in the form of Motocross and Enduro versions.

Photo of 175 6 Speed Puch

Puch 175 6 Speed

This is a series showing the most recent build of our beloved 6 speed Puch 175 race bike. As the bar for the 200 Grand Prix class in the US is pushed ever higher we decided to build a stable mate to our already proven 175cc 5 speed race bike. We have campaigned the 5 speed heavily since 2003, and it was time for a new, lighter, faster, version with the all-important, NOS, factory-made 6 speed, racing gearbox that we were lucky enough to have in our stock of Puch spares. The bike was built in an amazing 12 weeks-start to finish. The final weight came in at just 199-200 lbs dry. The tuned versions of our 175 engine are running 11,500 rpm with an estimated crank horsepower of 33 hp. So far the light version chassis has proven itself over the last racing season, and we look forward to many years of running this new 175~ with the old 175 as well, and of course the old 1958 250 Twingle racer in various AHRMA classes in the US. More details of the Racing endeavors of Motor West can be found on our Facebook page

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